Technical brief

Fall 2019 to fall 2020 MAP Growth attrition analysis

November 2020

By: Angela Johnson, Megan Kuhfeld


This study examined patterns of MAP Growth assessment attrition by schools and students from fall 2019 to fall 2020. Using data for 5.2 million students who tested in fall 2019, we compared the characteristics of students tested in fall 2020 (“stayers”) and students not tested in fall 2020 (“attriters”). The results of this study showed systematic demographic differences across subjects and grades: a larger fraction of attriters were minoritized students, students with lower achievement in fall 2019, and students in schools with higher concentrations of racial/ethnic minorities and socioeconomically-disadvantaged students. These findings suggest that considerable caution is warranted when interpreting fall 2020 assessment results, especially in relationship to previous, typical academic years that may include a substantively different group of students. The systematic differences between attriters and students who were tested in fall 2020 mean that the impacts of COVID-19 on student achievement are likely underestimated. Educational leaders should carefully consider demographic shifts in the students who tested as they make decisions on how to best support their students’ growth and recovery.

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