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For more than 40 years, NWEA has been a pioneer in educational research and assessment methodology with a focus on improving learning outcomes for every student. Our Research Centers continue this innovative work through dedicated research that explores foundational issues in education, practical challenges in today’s schools, and the evolving role of technology in the lives of students.


Collaborative for Student Growth

The Collaborative investigates fundamental questions around educational equity, opportunity, and access. Through original research and partnerships with universities and foundations, it seeks to broaden understanding of the challenges facing students, families, and educators and inform new ways to serve them.

Center for School and Student Progress

The Center explores research and policy issues that are directly relevant to helping schools improve outcomes for students. It engages in collaborative research with schools, and provides them with expert consultation and data analysis. In partnership with educators, it aims to make assessment data actionable.

Latest Research

Research brief

Learning during COVID-19: Initial findings on students’ reading and math achievement and growth

Technical brief

Fall 2019 to fall 2020 MAP Growth attrition analysis

Technical brief

Technical appendix for: Learning during COVID-19: Initial findings on students’ reading and math achievement and growth


In some grades, students may end up an entire year behind where they would have been academically, absent COVID-19.”

Beth Hawkins, The 74

“…states should be working right now, in concert with parents groups, on a menu of solutions.”

Editorial Board, New York Times

No one yet knows what the long-term impact will be on special-ed students.”

Faith Hill, The Atlantic

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Data Visualizations

View interactive tools that bring complex education issues to life. Explore patterns in growth, achievement, poverty, college readiness, and more.

Research Partnerships

Our collaborations with university researchers, school systems, address diverse education research topics.

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