Research-based tools for data-driven education

Data-driven education: why everything we do is rooted in research

We know educators need valid assessments and effective professional development—because nearly 40 years ago, we were founded by educators seeking to maximize every student’s learning and growth through powerful data-driven education. Today, we create quality assessments and help teachers and educational leaders use data to differentiate instruction and inform organizational planning.

Our research-based core lets us do what’s driven us from the beginning: give educators tools proven to help them make a difference. It also allows us to give powerful, in-depth information to communities, researchers, and policymakers debating policies and practices that affect students.


As a mission-based organization, we contribute to broader conversations about how communities can support student-centric learning. We believe research-based assessment data and data-informed professional development help educators accelerate every child’s academic growth and achievement.

Our Core Activities

Helping to create smarter, more responsive educational systems

Assessments that help drive decision making

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Our computer adaptive assessments help educators answer a crucial question: Are my students learning? By delivering precise, real-time information about every student’s learning triumphs and challenges, we set educators—and students—up for success.



Next Steps

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