What’s new for back-to-school?

What’s new for back-to-school 2024?

Gain more confidence and efficiency with our new features and tools

Gain more confidence and efficiency with our new features and tools

Each school year brings you new instructional and operational challenges. That’s why we continually improve our ecosystem of products and services, guided by leading-edge research and feedback from our partners. See what’s new in MAP® Growth™, MAP Reading Fluency™, and our professional learning services.

MAP Growth

With new and improved reports, an upgraded item-selection algorithm, and new research that provides grade-level context for RIT scores, MAP Growth is making it even easier for educators to confidently drive academic growth in the 2024–25 school year.

New features and updates

Expanded data insights with the new District Profile report

The new District Profile report gives leaders an easy-to-understand view of growth and achievement across all schools and grades in their district. Combined with the Student, Class, and School Profile reports, educators now have a unique report to view every level of their school system.

MAP District Profile

New ways to visualize data in the Class Profile report

With new data visualizations, MAP users gain accurate insights into the academic diversity of their classrooms, content areas that may require additional class time, how best to develop flexible learning groups, and which students need to retest.

Upgraded download functionality for MAP Growth Family report

Generate Family reports for a single student, multiple students in a class, the entire class, multiple classes, a
single school, a group of schools, or the entire district—the choice and flexibility are all yours.

Additional states are now using the Enhanced Item Selection Algorithm

After rolling out an enhanced item-selection algorithm to 18 states in the spring of 2023, we’re excited to extend this innovation to 11 more states this summer. The algorithm helps ensure test questions better align with the actual content students are seeing in their classrooms—while also helping NWEA test creators build better, more targeted tests.

MAP Reading Fluency

New for the 2024–25 school year are high-value, student-centered enhancements that will help guide classroom instruction and intervention—while creating new efficiencies for both students and educators.

Features, changes, & enhancements

Goal setting for progress monitoring

Educators can set student-level goals for foundational skills domains directly within MAP Reading Fluency progress-monitoring reports. This feature gives you a systematic method for using data to monitor student growth over time so you can determine when and how to provide more intensive intervention.

Student single sign-on (SSO)

Students will be able to launch MAP Reading Fluency directly from within ClassLink or Clever without needing to log in again.

Goal Setting for Progress Monitoring

Turning evidence into action

Through our NWEA Professional Learning offerings, we engage teachers in fostering meaningful, measurable instructional change in pursuit of high-quality, ambitious instruction that improves student outcomes.

Foundations Online Professional Learning

Whether you’re preparing to use MAP Growth for the first time, onboarding new staff, or seeking new ways to use assessment data to drive greater student outcomes, we’ve created an enhanced, more personalized suite of training opportunities to support your success.

Explore Foundations Online Professional Learning

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