Instructional Connections

Personalize Learning to Help Each Student Grow

We collaborate with the industry’s most extensive array of instructional partners to help schools and districts get more from tools they’re already using, like Compass Learning®, Study Island®, Triumph Learning™, Khan Academy, and many more. And, because MAP isn’t tied to a particular curriculum offering, you can be sure you’re getting an independent validation of student learning.


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Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning delivers award-winning language, literacy, and mathematics solutions for preK–12 students, revolutionizing the way children learn. Students and teachers love Imagine Language & Literacy, Imagine Math, Imagine Math Facts, and Imagine Español because they are research- and evidence-based, data driven, instructionally differentiated, and incredibly fun to use. After more than a decade of growth and continuous improved student outcomes, Imagine Learning has established itself as a leader in the digital education arena. The Imagine Learning family is dedicated to changing lives and opening doors of opportunity for children. Learn more about Imagine Learning.


DreamBox Learning Math™ is the only K-8 digital math program powered by students, built by and for educators, and independently proven to positively impact student achievement. Both during and between lessons, DreamBox dynamically adapts and differentiates in real time based not only on students’ answers, but also on how they solve problems. Educators using the proven power of DreamBox to improve student learning and assessment outcomes will also be able to use students’ NWEA MAP Growth results to create targeted, differentiated assignments that meet students right where they are. Explore the DreamBox difference at

FEV Tutor

FEV Tutor provides engaging, 1:1 online tutoring services that are driven-by-data and personalized for each student. We create highly-targeted Personalized Tutoring Plans with MAP Growth RIT scores to inform our live 1:1 instruction. MAP Growth data can be used to inform instructional strategies, personalize instruction, and measure individual growth over time.

Learning A-Z

NWEA and Learning A-Z work together to integrate MAP and MPG assessment results with Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z’s literacy-focused curriculum resources, creating differentiated instructional recommendations for teachers to use with each student or groups of students.

Raz-Plus makes blended learning easier and more affordable with thousands of differentiated reading resources that strengthen the connection between what is taught and what students practice on their own.

Reading A-Z includes an extensive collection of resources, including leveled books, lesson plans, and teaching materials, ideal for whole-class, small-group, and one-to-one reading instruction.

Khan Academy

When you want to identify student’s strengths and help close learning gaps, use Khan Academy in combination with MAP Growth scores to personalize learning. Khan Academy allows teachers and K-12 students access to free, web-based exercises for independent classroom work, at-home learning, or skill-based small group instruction empowering learners to study at their own pace, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Your Reading Path

Use MAP Growth results to link RIT scores with over 7,000 specially printed books across a wide range of topics and action genres that help pave the way to a path of reading pleasure. The tailored approach ensures the best match for readability, interest, and age appropriateness for each student. Start searching for your books at



Otus’ student performance platform goes beyond the traditional learning management system (LMS) by combining a data warehouse and a collection of classroom management tools in a single platform. Otus helps maximize learning by synthesizing a more complete learning profile into actionable data for educators, students and families. NWEA and Otus work together to help educators visualize their MAP data alongside other data. Learn more at

Curriculum Crafter

NWEA and Curriculum Crafter collaborate to align MAP data with standards-aligned instructional content from the Curriculum Crafter web-based curriculum management platform. Teachers have immediate access to K – 12 teaching resources specifically aligned to MAP Learning Statements by RIT ranges—making it simple for teachers to quickly individualize instruction based on MAP assessment results. Curriculum Crafter’s first-of-its-kind educational resource planning platform includes over 700,000 units of instruction and 1,000 sample lesson plans, along with easy assignment of standards, standards tracking, and full mapping capabilities. All content is customizable to allow districts to respond to local needs. For more information, visit



NWEA and Odysseyware work together to integrate MAP assessment results with the customized, flexible K – 12 core, elective, and CTE curriculum and instructional tools that Odysseyware offers online. Designed to meet the needs of 21st century learning environments and students, Odysseyware incorporates rich multimedia, dynamic learning activities, direct instruction videos, virtual laboratories, and multiple embedded instructional supports into its award-winning instructional content. Learn more about Odysseyware.


Edgenuity’s® personalized learning solutions help educators close learning gaps and provide a targeted, data-driven instructional pathway to help students catch up, keep up, or get ahead. See what sets Edgenuity apart at

Silverback Learning Solutions

silverbackNWEA and Silverback Learning Solutions work together to integrate MAP Learning Continuum information with Silverback Mileposts. Silverback Learning Solutions was founded by educators to help fellow educators accelerate personalized learning for all students. We help ensure that each student’s education has a magnified impact on their lives and help them accomplish their life-long goals. Silverback Learning Solutions’ global mission is to make sure that every single student in every single classroom improves their achievement, while not letting any one student fall through the cracks. Learn more about Silverback Learning Solutions


NWEA and Wowzers partner together to automatically create unique and personalized learning paths for math students based on results from their MAP Growth assessments. The automation saves hours of time for teachers and promotes personalized learning for students. The learning paths also link math to real-world applications to further engage students. Wowzers offers schools and districts a comprehensive digital math curriculum that includes lessons, practices, games, instructional videos, assessments, blended learning activities, and performance tasks in an engaging format with built-in reward systems to accelerate student achievement.


SuccessMaker is an adaptive and prescriptive scheduling intervention program delivering both reading and math curriculum for K-8. Stealth formative assessments adjust instruction with every click, swipe, and student response, resulting in less frustration and stress for learners. Individual learner paths guide the student to targeted performance goals. Prescriptive scheduling identifies when students will reach key milestones, and dynamic reporting provides data to intervene when it matters most.

Carnegie Learning

Carnegie Learning’s MATHia, for 6-12th grades for developmental math, is much more than practice software. MATHia continually adjusts to each student, making sophisticated pedagogical decisions, and delivering a personalized learning path with ongoing formative assessments. As a part of any core math curriculum or as a supplement, it delivers differentiated learning experiences that support students who are struggling, while challenging those who are ready for more.



NWEA and Edmentum work together to integrate MAP assessment results with Study Island® and Exact Path content and instructional materials to create individualized learning paths for each student. Edmentum’s programs are explicitly designed to help K-12 students master the content specified in state and Common Core standards and improve performance in core skill areas. Edmentum’s high impact, high value learning programs provide quality academic support, practice, and real-time assessment data. The immediate feedback and built in remediation, coupled with the actionable data, enables educators to easily. Learn more about Edmentum


NWEA and Achieve3000® work together to integrate MAP assessment results with the differentiated online instruction found in KidBiz3000®, TeenBiz3000®, and Empower3000® to create informed learning paths for students and recommendations for differentiated instruction for teachers. Achieve3000 solutions deliver engaging, nonfiction content that supports core curriculum, literacy in the content areas, Response to Intervention, English language learners, special education and other instructional models. For more than a decade, Achieve3000 has supported the individuality and potential of every student by reaching them where they are, and helping them reach higher levels of reading and writing proficiency. Learn more at


classworksNWEA and Curriculum Advantage work together to integrate MAP assessment results with Classworks® content and instructional materials to create individualized learning paths for each student. Classworks is an interactive, online instruction solution. Our offering includes K-8 Math, Reading, Language Arts, and Science instruction as well as assessment and productivity tools. Designed to simplify the supplemental instruction process for teachers and students, the program can integrate with your existing solutions. Classworks is broad and deep enough to adopt as an all-inclusive solution or only use the components that are right for you. Classworks is proven effective in transforming classrooms, empowering teachers, captivating students, and driving results. Learn more about Classworks.