A “Lost Year” of Data? What Disruptions From COVID-19 Mean For Education Research


By: Matthew Soldner, Megan Kuhfeld, Dan Goldhaber, Constance Lindsay, Allison Crean Davis


This Bellwether Education Partners webinar brings together academic and government experts to discuss how education research can continue to offer meaningful, relevant information to policymakers and practitioners after the “lost year” of data from COVID disruptions to schools and testing, and how the pursuit of evidence to improve our education systems and policies can rebound from this moment. How should educators and evaluators measure student performance moving forward, and what proof points can they use to guide their efforts? What stopgaps are researchers putting in place to address missing data, and how is the U.S. Department of Education considering long-term data collection efforts? What interventions can be used remotely to support equity and inclusion?

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