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The Collaborative for Student Growth at NWEA is devoted to transforming education research through advancements in assessment, growth measurement, and the availability of longitudinal data.

The work of our researchers spans a range of educational measurement and policy issues including achievement gaps, assessment engagement, social-emotional learning, and innovations in how we measure student learning. Core to our mission is building research partnerships with universities, think tanks, grant-funding agencies, and other stakeholders to expand the insights drawn from our student growth database—which is one of the most extensive in the world.



Andrew McEachin


Elizabeth Barker

Accessibility Research Manager

G. Gage Kingsbury

Senior Research Fellow

Megan Kuhfeld

Senior Research Scientist

Tyler Matta

Senior Research Scientist

Erik Ruzek

Senior Research Scientist

James Soland

Affiliated Research Fellow

Yeow Meng Thum

Senior Research Fellow

Steven Wise

Senior Research Fellow

Beth Tarasawa

Executive VP of Research

Research by the Collaborative for Student Growth

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View interactive tools that bring complex education issues to life. Explore patterns in growth, achievement, poverty, college readiness, and more.

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Our collaborations with university researchers, school systems, address diverse education research topics.

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