MAP Accelerator

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MAP Accelerator

Powering up math differentiation

The power to meet the learning needs of every student. The tool to save your teachers time—while respecting their expertise. MAP® Accelerator™, developed by NWEA® and Khan Academy™, helps schools and districts simplify differentiation for teachers and unlock learning for students.

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Everything teachers need to tailor support

Available for grades 3–8, MAP Accelerator, part of the Personalized Math Solution from NWEA, reduces the manual work of differentiating math instruction by automatically integrating Clever class rosters, MAP® Growth™ scores, and Common Core-aligned Khan Academy content to generate learning pathways—complete with lessons, instructional videos, and practice problems.

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Guided by your teachers’ expertise

Designed to keep teachers in the driver’s seat, MAP Accelerator helps educators differentiate with ease and provide tailored support whether students are on, above, or below grade level.

As innovative, not-for-profit organizations, NWEA and Khan Academy are on a mission to help students, teachers, and districts succeed.

MAP Accelerator: The center of the Personalized Math Solution

The Personalized Math Solution pairs interim assessment insights from MAP Growth and math personalized learning from MAP Accelerator with guided implementation and professional learning experiences that engage and galvanize your team while honing assessment literacy and instructional planning. Wrap-around support and expert-led guidance round out this solution, providing your teachers and coaches with the resources and tools they need to improve math outcomes.

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Empower educators

We developed MAP Accelerator to help educators better meet diverse learning needs.

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Useful insights

MAP Accelerator provides detailed analytics and straightforward reports to monitor student progress.

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Teachers know best

Educators can adjust individual goals and learning pathways as students master new skills and concepts.

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Built to adapt

Flexible enough to implement throughout the classroom—whether in self-paced work, rotations, or independent practice.


District-level implementation made easy

Automated rostering with Clever,  dedicated technical support, and flexible professional learning models make getting started with MAP Accelerator simple and intuitive.

District and school administrators can track usage and monitor the effectiveness of MAP Accelerator with easy-to-use reporting dashboards, helpful when celebrating wins or replicating best practices.

Partnering with a purpose

Educators and families around the world trust NWEA and Khan Academy to deliver accurate assessment data and reliable instructional content.

2021 SIIA Codie Finalist

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