The MAP Suite

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The MAP Suite

Partnering to help all kids learn

The MAP Suite provides timely insights to educators, powered through our research expertise, resulting in the most trusted data in K–12 education

MAP Suite

Helping you make decisions with confidence

Our ecosystem of products and services unites assessments, personalized learning, learning and improvement services, and curriculum and instructional connections to help educators address some of their biggest instructional and organizational decisions.

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A Powerful Suite

The MAP Suite is designed to meet your school system’s needs.

Empowering administrators

  • Screening
  • Measuring achievement and growth
  • Project proficiency
  • Identifying impacts of resourcing decisions
  • Evaluating success of intervention strategies

Empowering Teachers

  • Informing instruction and instructional strategies
  • Differentiating instruction
  • Enabling strong formative assessment practices
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MAP Growth

MAP® Growth™ is the most trusted and innovative assessment for measuring achievement and growth in K–12 math, reading, language usage, and science. It provides teachers with accurate, actionable evidence to help inform instructional strategies regardless of how far students are above or below grade level. It also connects to the largest set of supplemental instructional providers, giving educators flexibility in curriculum choices.

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MAP Reading Fluency

Quickly assess your pre-K–5 readers with MAP® Reading Fluency™. Our innovative early reading assessment enables teachers to efficiently measure oral reading fluency, literal comprehension, and foundational skills—with one 20-minute assessment. Group testing and automatic scoring return valuable instructional time to teachers. Available in English and Spanish.

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MAP Accelerator

To simplify differentiation and further empower teachers to unlock learning gains for every student, NWEA® has partnered with Khan Academy to create MAP® Accelerator™. This powerful online resource ties MAP Growth™ scores to personalized learning pathways—complete with exercises, instructional videos, and practice problems—so students get the customized support they need, right when they need it.

An integrated assessment solution

The assessments in the MAP Suite give you a thorough picture of student learning: where they are on their learning journey, how much they’ve grown, and what their strengths and opportunity areas are.

The MAP Suite measures exactly what’s needed to give you valuable data with maximum efficiency: no more and no less testing than required.

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MAP Suite assessments precisely measure student achievement, growth, and early reading development to help you support learning for every student.

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Intuitive reports transform raw data into insights that help educators understand where students need the most help, identify where extra resources are needed, and understand the impact of key decisions.

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Multiple options to connect assessment data to instruction in the classroom

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Powerful professional learning helps create lasting systemic change for your schools.

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NWEA is the absolute backbone to our success. We have worked together to embrace the use of data to drive instruction, and by doing that, we have achieved great results with student performance.

Joseph Powers, Superintendent, Crawford AuSable School District, MI

MAP Suite Data

With the MAP Suite you get data-driven insights that inform decision making at every level.

Student-level reports give you a complete picture of a student’s learning in one place, making it faster and easier to understand individual strengths and opportunity areas.

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Pictured above is the MAP Growth Student Profile Report: the one-stop-shop for MAP Growth data on a single student. Within this report you will find:

  • Assessment data for all subjects a student is tested on (i.e., reading, math, language usage, science)
  • Achievement RIT scores and normed percentiles that let you know how a student is performing
  • Growth percentiles that help you understand if a student is growing faster or slower than similar students
  • Instructional-area scores that indicate which topics (e.g., informational text) within a subject (e.g., reading) students may be strongest in
  • Projected proficiency data for state-summative and college- and career-readiness tests (ACT/SAT)
  • Rapid-guessing data that helps you understand how student disengagement may have impacted a student’s RIT score

The Student Profile Report is invaluable for:

  • Tracking academic growth over time
  • Contextualizing a student’s achievement and growth compared to similar students
  • Identifying instructional areas to conduct additional formative assessment on
  • Understanding which subjects a student might be stronger in
  • Setting growth goals
  • Predicting proficiency on summative and college- and career-readiness tests

Class-level reports let you view assessment data for your whole class at the same time, enabling you to understand the academic diversity of a group of students, identify common strength and opportunity areas, and begin to formulate ideas around instructional strategies that may help the whole class grow academically.

MAP class profile screenshot

Pictured above is the interactive MAP Growth Class Profile Report: the home page for teachers wanting to learn more about their class. Within this report you will find:

  • Operational information, such as which students have tested, what version of a test each student took, how long each student took to test, and if any of your students were rapid-guessing
  • Achievement RIT scores and normed percentiles that let you know how students are performing
  • Instructional-area scores that indicate which topics (e.g., informational text) within a subject (e.g., reading) students may be strongest in

The Class Profile Report is invaluable for:

  • Understanding the academic diversity of a class
  • Identifying common strength and opportunity areas
  • Monitoring testing status for an entire class
  • Determining which students may need to retest due to rapid-guessing behavior
  • Acting as a source of information that can help inform instructional planning at the term and unit level

School and district reports allow you to view aggregate assessment data across your entire school system and provide you with the insights you need to make program- and district-wide decisions with confidence. You can identify strengths and opportunities, tackle learning barriers, understand where extra resources are needed, and gain a greater understanding of how to help your students succeed.

MAP school profile screenshot

Pictured above is the interactive MAP Growth School Profile Report, the newest MAP Growth report and the first designed specifically for school leaders. The School Profile Report is a set of refinable data views that provides school and district leaders a richer and more focused experience with their school’s MAP Growth assessment data. Data can be filtered in a wide variety of ways, allowing school leaders to identify subpopulations of students that may need additional help.

Within this report you will find:

  • Achievement percentile breakdowns for each grade within a school and each class within a grade
  • Filters for gender, ethnicity, subject, and class name
  • A count of students in each percentile (via hover over)
  • A list of students in each percentile (by selecting a quintile)

The School Profile Report is invaluable for:

  • Identifying trends and common opportunity areas at the grade and class level
  • Determining the impact of programs and interventions
  • Highlighting areas of a school that need incremental resources in order to maximize growth

Support for your intervention programs

The MAP Suite supports response to intervention (RTI) and multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) programs with tools for screening and progress-monitoring. MAP assessments give you the trustworthy data you need to quickly identify students who could benefit from additional resources and help inform strategies for intervention.

MAP Growth

for universal screening

Trust MAP Growth to accurately identify students in need of academic intervention—so you can move them into a program as early as possible. Getting this crucial data from your interim assessment makes universal screening more efficient and gives you the data you need to support at-risk students.

MAP Reading Fluency

for universal screening and progress-monitoring

MAP Reading Fluency is an adaptive universal screening and progress-monitoring assessment for pre-K to grade 5—and it’s available for remote and on-site administration. This powerful tool efficiently assesses in English and Spanish.

Accelerate Learning Gains

Developed by NWEA® and Khan Academy, MAP® Accelerator™ takes the work out of delivering high-quality personalized learning opportunities for students at every level based on MAP Growth™ scores—without taking the teacher out of the driver’s seat.

Support When You Need It

With the MAP Suite, you get focused attention—from comprehensive implementation to ongoing help via phone, email, live chat, and even on-site—from our knowledgeable specialists.