White paper

NWEA 2020 MAP Growth Achievement Status and Growth Norms for Students and Schools

July 2020


The 2020 MAP Growth Norms aim to provide accurate statistical descriptions of growth in performance on the English version of MAP Growth assessments for the population of students attending Grades K-12 in U.S. public schools. In addition, the 2020 MAP Growth Norms: provide a way for users of MAP Growth assessments to consistently and accurately reference the performance of present and future students to performance characteristic of the population; develop stronger statistical support for inferences about student and school achievement status and growth; introduce methodological advances that will substantively reduce error and strengthen norm-referenced inferences about growth from one time point to another; and extend support for norm-referenced inferences for the school when it is treated as the unit-of analysis. The 2020 MAP Growth Norms study further aims to consolidate, refine, and enhance methodology developed and introduced in earlier studies, and document how the methods and information developed contribute to the theory and practice of growth measurement.

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