Journal article

Longitudinal models of reading and mathematics achievement in deaf and hard of hearing students

October 2022

Published in:

The Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, enac033,

By: Stephanie Cawthon, Johny Daniel, North Cooc, Ana Vielma


Deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students often experience systemic barriers to academic success, especially low expectations of what they know and can do. Longitudinal data analysis is critical to understanding how academic achievement for DHH students progresses over time and where they may need additional support on their academic journey to achieve at the level of their hearing peers. This study provides an analysis of NWEA MAP® Growth™ data from grades 2 to 8 across seven reading and mathematics domains over a period of 5 years. Results indicate that both DHH and hearing students continue to build skills through this period, and that DHH students, contrary to many previously held assumptions, do not necessarily plateau in the elementary grades.

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