Research report

Comparability of MAP Growth tests administered through different technology and psychometric infrastructure: A simulation study

March 2021

By: Ann Hu, Patrick Meyer, May Chien


This report presents the results of a mode comparability study conducted through simulations to evaluate how scores from MAP Growth administered on the constraint-based engine (CBE) compare to those administered on the current MAP Growth engine known as COLO. The CBE was originally developed to deliver end-of-year state summative assessments, but it has been enhanced to also deliver interim tests such as MAP Growth multiple times throughout the year. While the CBE and COLO differ in software infrastructure and psychometric adaptive algorithms, these differences should have little impact on test scores when delivering tests built from the same test blueprints. Two studies are being conducted as part of Project Altair to investigate mode comparability: (1) a study using simulated data as presented in this report and (2) a study based on empirical student data. Results from both studies will help determine if MAP Growth assessments can be administered on CBE in their current form without affecting scores.

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