Yeow Meng Thum, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Yeow Meng Thum focuses on methodological research on multivariate, multilevel models for behavioral and educational data, as well as topics in latent variable modeling, causal inference, and psychometrics. Most known for his methodological contributions to growth modeling in accountability settings, he has published his work widely, including in the Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, Sociological Methods & Research, and Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis.

At NWEA, Dr. Thum has developed predictive college readiness benchmarks for MAP® Growth™ as well as several innovative statistical procedures for making inferences about growth deployed in past and current MAP Growth norming studies, all of which are used to inform instructional and accountability decisions. Prior to joining NWEA in 2008, he was the first analysis director of the Consortium on Chicago School Research and a frequent consultant with local and state agencies on topics in assessment and accountability. He was a faculty member at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the College of Education at Michigan State University, and he served as courtesy research associate professor at the National Center on Assessment and Accountability for Special Education at the University of Oregon. Dr. Thum holds a PhD from the University of Chicago.