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Learning styles: Considerations for technology enhanced item design: Learning styles


By: Deborah Adkins, Meg Guerreiro


Learning styles (LS) have been used for classifying students by their preferences relative to taking information in, processing it and demonstrating their ability in the context of education. This paper investigates the role of LS in K-12 education by considering the manner in which student LS are assessed and the extent to which they have informed K-12 instruction. The paper illustrates the impact of LS on teachers, pedagogy, student engagement and assessment. The theoretical framework of LS theory is discussed. Furthermore, this paper identifies a gap in the literature regarding LS and assessment; specifically the development of assessments based on LS. The authors suggest adapting student assessment utilizing technology-enhanced items (TEIs) developed based on students’ LS may provide a more reliable measure of student ability. Implications for practice and limitations are discussed.

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