The Continuing Educator

Giving students a say, with Myron Dueck and Brooke Mabry

October 18, 2021


At the heart of student agency is engaging students directly in their learning in ways that provide them choice points, skill in navigating formative learning cycles, and increasing levels of expertise to assess, as Royce Sadler famously coined, “Where Am I Now?,” “Where Am I Going?”, and “How Will I Get There?” This session examines elements of student ‘voice and choice’ as critical enabling elements needed to build in students that kind of self-efficacy that will help them thrive and meet their full potential as learners. The conversation centers on practices and routines that are applicable to a number of scenarios and classroom contexts. Our guests are Myron Dueck, author of Giving Students a Say and Grading Smarter, Not Harder; and Brooke Mabry, Strategic Content Design Manager at NWEA.

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