Why your teachers are assessment skeptics—and
what to do about it

Assessment decisions are often made without enough input from teachers. But assessment has an immeasurable impact on the classroom, from affecting instructional time to influencing differentiation efforts. Keeping teachers out of the conversation can make them distrustful—of both you and the data—reducing the role of assessment in student learning. Here’s how to keep that from happening in your district.

The root of resistance

Digging down to the real cause of a problem can be tricky. Halfway down that metaphorical hole we may stumble across something that looks like the cause and focus our problem-solving efforts on that. Or we may simply get tired of digging and stick to the first likely cause that seems solvable. We’ve all done it. Including when we ponder why teachers dislike assessment. There’s the whole familiar litany: It reduces instructional time. Kids spend too much time testing. Data is misused to evaluate teacher ability. Children are reduced to little more than numbers.

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