Stay focused on student learning
despite initiative fatigue

For administrators, making and keeping school- or district-based goals can feel like taking aim at an ever-shifting target. Mandates and federal education policy can change abruptly with the stroke of a pen. Local legislators and school board members turn over frequently, which shifts local goals and priorities. A state department of education can make abrupt decisions, like mandating new or revised assessments, changing standards or approved curriculum without consultation from educators “on the ground.” Any educator will tell you it is real and worrisome, as student learning and growth are often lost in the shuffle.

Ending the cycle of initiative fatigue

Breaking the cycle of initiative fatigue and the futile chase of compliance begins with goal setting and/or strategic planning at the school and district level. In this model, planning processes are intended to establish “constancy of purpose”. They establish a “due north” that will provide direction to all of the district’s initiatives going forward, and leaders and stakeholders commit to maintaining that direction.

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