NWEA Research: Partnering & Consulting

Sharing ideas for a smarter future

Our NWEA Research team shares a goal with many: creating a better, more responsive educational system that helps all kids learn. Researchers across the education community work with us to design and execute custom research studies intended to improve measurement of student learning, inform teaching and learning practices, and advocate for policies that benefit students and teachers.

Additionally, we partner with school systems that support applied research within their schools—and because we feel strongly about inspiring the next generation of leaders, we provide internships and research support for graduate students.


Our collaborative work with think-tanks, school districts, universities, and foundations connects education policy research to student learning.

Building a bridge between education policy research and student learning

How To Partner

Read more about our MAP interim assessments’ mature, equal-interval scale (the RIT scale), NWEA norms, and our Standard or and Virtual Comparison Group Reports.

Kingsbury Data Award Recipients

NWEA Kingsbury Data Award Recipients

Deliver precise, real-time information about every student’s learning

Discover assessments rooted in research

Our computer adaptive assessments help educators answer a crucial question: Are my students learning? By delivering precise, real-time information about every student’s learning triumphs and challenges, we set educators—and students—up for success.



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