Through-year Assessment

Through-year Assessment

A unified solution to measure grade-level achievement and growth

We must do better. Now, we can.

The status quo is not working. Students are taking many tests, yet states don’t have a view into how much learning happens during the school year, and districts want summative test results that are more instructionally useful.

Through-year assessment from NWEA empowers states to streamline interim growth and summative tests into a single unified solution.

This new approach for grades 3-8 saves teachers valuable instructional time and delivers timely, reliable information on student and school performance to districts, states, and their most important stakeholders—parents and students.

Multiple measures from one solution

With through-year assessment, districts and states can measure fall-to-spring growth as well as annual changes in summative performance. Plus, teachers receive both on- and off-grade level information in the fall, winter, and spring to inform teaching and learning.

Results that foster educational equity

Through-year assessment measures performance against state standards and achievement-level descriptors, which articulate how skills become more sophisticated as learning within each standard deepens.

Items are developed to the specific skill levels within each standard. The results support teachers in finding the point of productive struggle for all students—so opportunity and achievement gaps can be narrowed.

Watch and learn

It’s time to move beyond measuring learning to fostering it. See what’s different about our new approach to assessment.

A more accurate view of school performance

Most summative assessments only show what students know each spring. Through-year assessment also reveals how students grew from fall to spring, regardless of achievement level, to provide a more comprehensive view of school performance.