Use MAP Suite to improve learning outcomes

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has approved the MAP Suite to be included in the Statewide Benchmark Assessment. Previously approved MAP Growth helps teachers identify each student’s learning needs, and adjust instruction. With the new approval, schools and districts can also use MAP Reading Fluency to support Michigan’s Early Literacy Initiative in conjunction with MAP Growth.

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60% of school districts in Michigan use MAP Growth because it provides results educators trust

Case Study

How one Michigan district achieved alignment with trustworthy data

Using MAP data to meet students’ needs, empower educators, and improve family communication.

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Support early learners

MAP® Reading Fluency™ uses cutting-edge technology to assess the literacy skills of your pre-K–5 students. Go beyond words correct per minute to see the specific reading skills each student needs to develop.

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Case Study

A Michigan elementary school taps the power of data to effect positive change

Using MAP data to inform interventions and navigate COVID-related learning loss.

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Support student growth

Educators use MAP Growth every day—whether they’re measuring their students’ current performance or seeing what they’re ready to learn next. See the difference MAP Growth can make in your district.

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