Maximize your Formative Assessment Grant funds with MAP Suite

Once again, trusted NWEA solutions including MAP Growth, MAP Reading Fluency, MAP Suite, and MAP Suite for Early Learners are approved for purchase with Formative Assessment Grant funds. Purpose-built to provide actionable, trustworthy data to improve student outcomes, these solutions exceed the requirements set forth by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE).

New for the 2022/2023 school year: The dyslexia screener enhancement included with MAP Reading Fluency is also approved by IDOE. The updated approved list considers how to ensure students across the state are screened in a fair and trustworthy manner. The screener must provide clear flags for learning characteristics related to dyslexia. IDOE recommends that schools should avoid selecting multiple assessments to measure criteria separately (which does not produce a research -based flag for support) and should instead move to a single assessment program with a research-based indicator included. Our screener does just that.

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We need to know more than if they pass the test. Our standards are more rigorous, and we need more information. We are looking at growth for all of our students.

Superintendent Curtis Craig, Ed.S.
Rensselaer Central Schools Corporation, IN