MAP Growth is making a difference in Alaska

More than 60% of students in Alaska take MAP Growth.

Learn why educators in Alaska use MAP Growth
to help students set and meet their learning goals.

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Fact Sheet

Empower your teachers

NWEA Professional Learning workshops focus on helping educators use student data effectively—both in the classroom and when making district-wide decisions. Learn more about the difference data literacy can make.

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Research Brief

Absenteeism and achievement

Discover our latest research on the correlations between absenteeism and student achievement.

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Support early learners

MAP® Reading Fluency™ uses cutting-edge technology to assess the literacy skills of your pre-K–5 students. Go beyond words correct per minute to see the specific reading skills each student needs to develop.

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Support student growth

Educators use MAP Growth every day—whether they’re measuring their students’ current performance or seeing what they’re ready to learn next. See the difference MAP Growth can make in your district.

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