How private schools partner with NWEA

At NWEA, our research-based MAP Suite of assessments helps private school educators answer a crucial question: Are my students learning? By delivering reliable assessments, research services, and flexible and relevant professional learning, we set educators—and students—up for success.

The students in my class are motivated by their MAP score numbers. We are currently working as a class to achieve Blue Ribbon scores! As a teacher, our MAP results guide instruction—allowing us to see our students’ strengths and weaknesses and work toward improvement. It also helps us evaluate our teaching as the MAP data shows us areas of classroom/school strengths and weaknesses.

Sheryl Duff, Teacher, St. Peter Lutheran, Schaumburg, IL

This interactive tool provides context on the typical patterns of achievement and growth in mathematics and reading for private and Catholic schools who take MAP Growth assessments. It provides multiple ways to examine patterns for different groups of students, including by student gender, race/ethnic group, region, and state.

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Download this fact sheet to learn how NWEA partners with and provides support to private schools.

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