How charter schools partner with NWEA

NWEA® assessments and tools—including MAP® Growth™, MAP® Reading Fluency™, and MAP® Accelerator™—help educators at charter schools make data-informed instructional and operational decisions with confidence.

See how more than 3,500 charter schools across the US are successfully using NWEA products and services to empower educators and learners.


Combating Summer Learning Loss, Uplift Education

Combating Summer Learning Loss, Uplift Education

Teachers from Uplift Education in Dallas use MAP Growth data to differentiate instruction. It started with homework and station ideas during the school year and progressed to summer work packets that will keep students engaged—throughout the summer and into the next school year. One Uplift teacher told us, “Teachers are creating work packets based on RIT scores and goal areas to help avoid a summer slide and keep MAP growth going from year to year!” 

Implementing Formative Strategies, The New America School

After attending the NWEA Building our Formative Assessment workshop, The New America School in Colorado put what they learned into practice by holding a science fair for teachers to share formative assessment ideas, interactive strategies, and feedback techniques. “The concepts of ‘inclusion’ and ‘teamwork’ and a sense of new purpose radiated throughout the room. It was electric!” said Tracey McCormick, Professional Development Coordinator at The New America School.

Creating a Data-Informed Culture / Westlake Charter School

Westlake Charter School in Sacramento recently hosted a MAP Growth “lunch and learn” for local charter schools in the community. During this event, Westlake teachers shared how they’re using MAP Growth to build a school culture where data guides instruction. Westlake Charter Executive Director John Eick said, “My vision (from administrator to administrator) is if it comes from us, it is important. However, if it comes from our staff, it is authentic.”


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