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instructional connections

Get to know Instructional Connections

MAP Growth provides timely, precise interim assessment insights in reading, math, language usage, and science. With this data, classroom educators can take decisive next steps, whether they’re determining groups, planning interventions, or personalizing instruction. With other assessments, traveling from insights to action leaves educators with a limited number of options. For MAP® Growth™ partners, the simple, direct path is paved with Instructional Connections.

What are Instructional Connections?

NWEA® collaborates with more than 30 providers to determine how MAP Growth scores can be used by over 40 supplemental instructional and data products to make every classroom a data-informed classroom. These providers make up the Instructional Connections program. The instructional products are developed by trusted providers like HMH, Imagine Learning, McGraw Hill, and more—whose products teachers and coaches are likely familiar with. Sharing MAP Growth data with these instructional connection providers is an efficient, secure way to individualize student learning activities while maximizing the capabilities of each product.

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