How MAP Growth
helps schools meet standards

Kids learn and grow at different rates. So assessments need to take that into account. That’s why we’ve designed MAP® Growth™ to make adaptive measurements across the grade-level standards that states, districts, and schools have adopted, including Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

What is MAP Growth?

MAP Growth is an adaptive interim assessment that provides educators with high-quality data on student achievement and growth. It measures what students know and what they’re ready to learn next—regardless of their grade level. It’s able to do this by harnessing normative data based on more than 10 million students. That’s why educators in over 146 countries use it.

Think of it like Voyager 2, the spacecraft designed to study and report back on the outer planets and reaches of our solar system. Scientists received photos of where Voyager 2 was and information that both answered questions and raised new ones. That’s how it is with MAP Growth. It provides a holistic view into how kids are doing and helps teachers identify which kids are at risk and need further evaluation.

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