How better professional learning
helps keep your best teachers on staff

Following the disruptions of the last few years, district and school leaders find themselves in a new landscape where recovery, growth, and staffing issues are top of mind. Encouragingly, there is a profusion of new initiatives—backed by federal relief funding—to support recovery efforts following the worst of the pandemic. But the urgency of these well-meaning efforts can create new burdens, as the people expected to implement many of them—teachers—don’t always have the dedicated, tailored support they need to be successful.

As the frontline workers of education, teachers are especially sensitive to conditions that could impact morale. When they feel they are being saddled with high expectations without the necessary support to meet those expectations, the temptation to join the “Great Resignation” may be considerable. Some districts do better at retaining their talented teachers than others, but with national headlines describing a “catastrophic teacher shortage,” the trend line is clear and concerning.

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