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Does NWEA really help teachers? Misty Hodge with some real talk on innovators listening to educators

May 16, 2023


As a teacher, Misty Hodge wondered: Who makes these assessments I give my students? Are these companies listening to the teachers who use them, or are they just throwing darts in the dark? So she came to NWEA to make sure that teachers like her had a seat at the table. Misty shares her work leading NWEA’s partner advisory board and building something teachers can actually use. Then, Kailey and Misty nerd out about MAP Accelerator and how much it helps math teachers. Misty also shares stories from her time as an educator, including a creative use of a ropes course and a challenging first day as a substitute teacher. Thanks for listening — don’t forget to share, subscribe, and rate us five stars!

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