A new school leader's guide to revitalizing
your professional learning program

If you’re a school leader who’s new to your current role, you may be spending quite a bit of your time simply learning the lay of the land and trying to understand the environment in which you’re expected to bring about positive change. And with a national average tenure for school principals of only four years (as of 2016–17), you can be sure that across the country, many school leaders are in the same boat.

Gaining an intimate knowledge of your school, district, and all the various experiences and perspectives that have shaped your workplace culture is a tall enough task in its own right. But as you take that crucial, formative first step, you and your fellow new school leaders also have a  mandate to push for more ambitious instruction that will meet the learning needs of students at all levels, helping them grow as learners and prepare for their futures. You likely know that high-quality professional learning for your teachers is more than just helpful in bringing this mandate to fruition—it’s indispensable. And yet, with so many professional learning options available—including some that are pushed upon you, rather than chosen by you—it can be hard to know when you’re on the right path. 

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