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MAP Reading Fluency

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Growth is built on solid foundations

Whether you’re implementing MAP® Reading Fluency™ for the first time, onboarding new staff, or simply refreshing your knowledge, Foundations Online provides the knowledge and tools staff across your school or district need to administer assessments, analyze reports, and act on data.

Role-based learning pathways

Differentiated pathways for teachers, leaders, and proctors provide an efficient learning experience focused on the learning needs of each role. More than just the basics, pathways include content to develop each learner’s applied knowledge when they are ready.

MAP Reading Fluency Foundations for Teachers

Support educators in successfully implementing MAP Reading Fluency by exploring what actionable steps to take before, during, and after the administration of the test.

Before testing

  • Get familiar with MAP Reading Fluency purpose and design
  • Understand primary uses of MAP Reading Fluency data
  • Discover student practice activities and resources

During testing

  • Prepare students for testing with a growth mindset
  • Help students understand the purpose of the assessment
  • Apply practical guidance for fitting assessment into your classroom structure

After testing

  • Use assessment results throughout the year
  • Explore key uses of Student Profile and Class Profile reports
  • Empower learners and learning teams

MAP Reading Fluency Foundations for Leaders

Practical learning to assure leaders are ready to prepare staff, engage teachers, and use assessment data to improve student outcomes.

Before testing

  • Prepare to engage staff and build common purpose
  • Anticipate common challenges and questions from staff
  • Guide staff through pre-testing logistics

During testing

  • Create the conditions for a successful testing environment
  • Follow checklists for a smooth test day

After testing

  • Use assessment results to empower learning teams
  • Explore key uses of School Profile and District Profile reports

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