Equity Foundations

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Equity Foundations

Professional Learning Workshop

Use the NWEA Entry Points for Equity Framework as a guide for equity conversations and decision-making. 

Turn equity into action

Examine ways that inequities have impacted the current educational system and created the urgent need to focus on equity. Align on key terms to create a foundation for equity and learn how to make it actionable. The book The Equity Expression, a joint publication of Corwin® and NWEA®, written by Fenesha Hubbard, is bundled with the professional learning purchase.

Explore a key question during each segment of learning

Line drawing of 3 figures standing on boxes of different heights so that all are equal.

What is equity?

Understand equity as it relates to academic success.

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What are the entry points for equity?

Learn the Entry Points for Equity Framework.

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How can we use the entry points to make equity actionable?

Use the Entry Points for Equity Framework to identify key areas of equity and inequity.

Designed with you in mind

This offering consists of three hours of professional skill practice and application for up to 30 participants. Your NWEA representative will help determine the best on-site or virtual delivery option to meet your needs.

On-site learning

Face-to-face session with a consultant

Virtual learning

Live instruction through our online portal

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