Guided by the Shifts: Math

Teacher helping a student with their work on a computer. Another student is sitting nearby and independently reading.

Grades K–8: Guided by the Shifts: Math

Professional Learning Workshop

Develop a classroom culture that supports mathematical discourse and builds a culturally responsive environment.

Support college and career readiness

Gain a deep understanding of the key characteristics of college and career readiness in math and how the characteristics progress across grades. Become equipped with essential knowledge for your instructional practice.

Explore a key question during each segment of learning

What are the characteristics of college- and career-ready standards in math?

Understand the characteristics of college- and career-ready standards in math and what they mean for your instructional practice.

Why are focus, coherence, and rigor essential for college and career readiness?

Understand mathematical tools and resources that support college- and career-aligned instruction.

What strategies and tools can support math instructional planning in response to college- and career-ready standards?

Connect the characteristics of college- and career-ready standards to your instruction.

Designed with you in mind

This offering consists of three hours of professional skill practice and application for up to 30 participants. Your NWEA representative will help determine the best on-site or virtual delivery option to meet your needs.

On-site learning

Face-to-face session with a consultant

Virtual learning

Live instruction through our online portal

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