Engaging Students: Eliciting Evidence of Students’ Math Understanding

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Grades K–8: Engaging Students: Eliciting Evidence of Students’ Math Understanding

Professional Learning Workshop

Advance your pedagogical content knowledge by cultivating your math questioning skills.

Empower students’ math thinking and knowledge

Discover Formative Conversation Starters, a progressive question-and-answer strategy to elicit evidence of students’ ways of thinking about math concepts, with the purpose of informing instruction. Explore math concepts in depth to support classroom discourse.

Explore a key question during each segment of learning

How can awareness of math identities support equitable instructional practices?

  • Analyze students’ and teachers’ experiences learning math.

How can students develop a meaningful understanding of big math ideas?

  • Investigate math concepts and solve problems with peers while connecting to best practices.

How can purposeful questioning reveal students’ ways of thinking?

  • Identify math themes, patterns, and ideas in students’ responses to questions.

How do I successfully implement Formative Conversation Starters?

  • Plan how to use questioning strategies in your own classroom.

Why is conceptual understanding an essential aspect of equitable instruction?

  • Reflect on how a teacher’s math experiences impact student learning.

How do I use Formative Conversation Starters to inform instruction?

  • Use conversation to identify themes in student thinking to plan for future instruction.

How can I engage students in a lesson that leverages Formative Conversation Starters data?

  • Examine ways of thinking to solve problems and use research-based practices to promote classroom dialogue.

How do the five practices help conduct a math conversation?

  • Build awareness of how the five practices are used to promote effective discourse.

Designed with you in mind

This offering is divided into two 3-hour parts. It is recommended that the parts be completed in order, within a reasonable time frame. Your NWEA representative will help determine the best on-site or virtual delivery option to meet your needs.

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On-site learning

Face-to-face session with a consultant

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Virtual learning

Live instruction through our online portal

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