NWEA Launches Season 2 of The Continuing Educator Podcast

This season is focused on building student agency as a key element in each child’s learning journey

Portland, Ore., October 5, 2021 NWEA — a not-for-profit, research and educational services provider serving K-12 students — launched today the second season of its popular professional-learning podcast called The Continuing Educator. This season is focused on building student agency, exploring different angles and perspectives, dissecting factors that influence student ownership in their learning journeys and offering various ways educators can create connections and opportunities for students to gain belief in themselves as learners, including practical tips and expert advice.

“With a strong growth mindset and a belief that they own their learning, students can be the MVPs of their education with a strong coach — their teacher — by their side,” said Jacob Bruno, Sr. Vice President of Professional Learning at NWEA and this season’s podcast host.There has never been a more urgent time in modern education for leaders and teachers to explore and implement practices that build student agency, so we focused our second season on this critical topic.”


The season is set to air eight episodes releasing each Tuesday starting today.

  • Episode 1 (Oct. 5): What is student agency?
  • Episode 2 (Oct. 12): Giving students a say
  • Episode 3 (Oct. 19): How culturally responsive teaching enables student agency
  • Episode 4 (Oct. 26): Student agency in disciplines: ELA, math and science
  • Episode 5 (Nov. 2): Emergent bilingual student agency
  • Episode 6 (Nov. 9): Accessibility and student agency
  • Episode 7 (Nov. 16): Assessment empowerment
  • Episode 8 (Nov. 30): Using goals to empower students


Over the course of the podcast, NWEA’s experts and esteemed guests get into the big ideas and break them down into actionable strategies that educators can put into place now. Confirmed guests so far include Sarah Brown-Wessling (former high school English teacher and National Teacher of the Year in 2010), fifth-grade teacher Anthony Swann (Virginia’s 2021 Teacher of the Year), Benjie Howard (co-founder of Youth Equity Stewardship), and author Myron Dueck. Each episode also features NWEA’s experts in professional learning, content advocacy (ELA, math and science), school improvement and research. The show is hosted by NWEA’s Jacob Bruno —  a former high-school educator, instructional coach, and long-time leader of professional learning.


View Season 2 promo: https://vimeo.com/619135423


The Continuing Educator podcast is available on all major podcast platforms. To learn more about the series, visit https://thecontinuingeducator.buzzsprout.com/.


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