NWEA Launches New Professional Learning Series That Drives Instructional Change

Portland, Ore., April 26, 2022 NWEA — the not-for-profit, research and educational services provider serving K-12 students — announced today a new professional learning series featuring workshops that activate the power of data to drive instructional decisions and help change teaching practices in order to develop students’ learning, well-being, and self-efficacy.

“We know that simply giving a test is of no use if that data isn’t used to inform adjustments in teaching and learning,” said Jacob Bruno, VP of Professional Learning at NWEA. “But far too often, there is a data-instruction disconnect. We are launching this series to help connect those dots for educators, and support them with the skills to make teaching truly responsive, equitable and impactful.”

The professional learning series summarizes the best research and information from respected educational leaders layered with an understanding of the challenges impacting classrooms in the last few years to identify key practices that support a thriving student learning environment in a post-pandemic era. The series supports and encourages educators to celebrate hard work already underway and then take next steps that make needed, appropriate, swift, and positive action a reality. The series includes three categories of offerings:

  • Assessment empowered classrooms
    Offers educators a framework for appropriately using assessments and their results to inform critical instruction-related decisions.


  • Responsive learning cycles
    Supports educators in making effective day-to-day and in-the-moment learning “moves” with their students that are swift, appropriate and needed.


  • Goal setting to empower (and motivate) students

Based on the book, Step into Student Goal Setting: A Path to Growth, Motivation, and Agency, authored by NWEA’s Dr. Chase Nordengren, the sessions highlight how teachers can use goal setting with students as an integral strategy to motivate, increase learning, express confidence, and achieve aspirations. A copy of the book is provided to each attendee.

The sessions in each category are available in formats that best meet the needs of educators: onsite, virtual, small group, or 1:1.

“Our organization’s history is deeply rooted in providing quality data to our educational community. But what we’ve observed over the years is that data is not always being effectively used in ways that improve student outcomes and lead to actions that produce equitable teaching practices,” said Chris Minnich, CEO of NWEA. “Data alone is of no value if it doesn’t influence instruction in ways that are truly responsive to the needs of individual students. That’s why we’re investing our efforts beyond just providing quality data toward support that leads to effective instruction.”

The new professional learning series is available now. To learn more about the series, go to: https://www.nwea.org/responsive-teaching-and-learning/

About NWEA

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