Tennessee Schools Now Have Option to Use Two Powerful Tools in Effort to Drive Literacy Success

Both MAP® Growth™ and MAP® Reading Fluency™ approved as universal screeners in the state

Portland, Ore. – August 13, 2021NWEA – the not-for-profit research and education services provider – announced today that both its MAP® Growth™ and MAP® Reading Fluency™ assessments were approved by the Tennessee’s State Department of Education as universal screeners.  Both assessments meet the requirements of Say Dyslexia Law and the Tennessee Literacy Success Act and will be valuable tools in the state’s efforts to improve literacy rates.

“Tennessee has made a deep commitment to literacy and ensuring students have the foundational skills to succeed and thrive,” said Lynne Kulich, Director of Early Learning at NWEA. “We’re excited to be part of that commitment by providing teachers actionable, timely evidence of a student’s reading success and difficulties so instructional paths can be set and early interventions (if needed) are implemented.”

The assessments can be administered remotely or in person to groups of students, saving valuable instructional time.  In order to meet the state’s screener requirements, districts need to administer MAP® Growth™ and the MAP® Reading Fluency™ Dyslexia Screener.  Full details of what’s required of Tennessee districts are available at https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/education/2020-21-leg-session/Universal%20Screener%20Matrix%20for%20K-3.pdf


About MAP® Growth™

MAP® Growth™ is NWEA’s flagship computer-adaptive assessment. It measures what students know and what they are ready to learn next. By dynamically adjusting to each student’s performance, MAP® Growth™ creates a personalized assessment experience that accurately measures performance – whether a student performs on, above or below grade level. Timely, easy-to-use reports help educators differentiate instruction to meet the academic needs of each student. MAP® Growth™ is also available in Spanish.

To learn more about NWEA’s MAP® Growth™, visit: https://www.nwea.org/map-growth/

About MAP® Reading Fluency™ 

It’s the first computer adaptive, automatically scored pre-K–5 universal screening and progress monitoring assessment that eliminates the need for one-on-one, teacher-student administration. The innovative assessment of oral reading fluency, comprehension, and foundational reading skills is delivered online, enabling educators to assess an entire class in a short time. Teachers receive immediate objective results, actionable data, and instructional guidance to support individualized reading development for every student. MAP Reading Fluency is available for remote and on-site administration, and efficiently assesses in English and Spanish.

To learn more about NWEA’s MAP® Reading Fluency™ and its embedded Dyslexia Screener, visit: https://www.nwea.org/map-reading-fluency/

About NWEA

NWEA® (Formerly known as Northwest Evaluation Association) is a mission-driven, not-for-profit organization that supports students and educators in more than 146 countries through research, assessment solutions, policy and advocacy services, professional learning and school improvement services that fight for equity, drive classroom impact and push for systemic change in our educational communities. Visit NWEA.org to learn more about how we’re partnering with educators to help all kids learn.

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