NWEA Supports the Infrastructure and Jobs Act’s Focus on Closing the Nation’s Digital Divide

November 18, 2021

NWEA Supports the Infrastructure and Jobs Act’s Focus on Closing the Nation’s Digital Divide

Millions of students lack the powerful home broadband connections and devices required for digital instruction, online collaboration with peers and teachers, and homework. This “Homework Gap” is particularly pronounced for Black, Latino, low income, and rural families. Given the breadth of this systemic challenge for learning, NWEA is thrilled that the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act prioritizes closing the nation’s digital divide by providing $65 billion for broadband infrastructure and affordability.

NWEA’s CEO, Chris Minnich, said, “The bipartisan infrastructure bill’s broadband investments will be a ‘game changer’ for digital learning, especially for students living in the nation’s most under-connected communities. Building on the FCC’s groundbreaking broadband mapping initiative, these essential new funds will make a huge difference for learners across the country”.

“Today, every student needs access to affordable high speed internet connections and sufficiently powerful devices for digital learning where they live and learn. The infrastructure package will help communities finally reach this long-sought goal. Congress wisely supplemented the new law’s direct broadband infrastructure investments with related resources designed to ensure affordability, promote digital literacy, and facilitate household engagement. NWEA is excited for this work to move forward”

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