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Are school report cards really all they’re made out to be? Does a grade of an A or a D show how good, or bad a school really is? Tracy Eley, the principal at Battleground Elementary School

Until recently, Chris Jones would get the same response when he told people where he worked

A tragic near-casualty of the high-stakes movement is that, buried under an annual deluge of concerns—and rightfully so—about “testing” is the very real need for educators to develop and use data from

The Oklahoma State Department of Education released its latest round of school report cards on Monday. The program measures multiple indicators to determine school success including academic

When James Hayes learned that Harvard Park Elementary had moved from “lowest performing” status to “commendable” on the Illinois State Board of Education’s report card that came out Oct. 31

Thank you for your Nov. 18 story on the increasing use of the MAP testing system in the Clark County School District. Having used this system as a special education teacher in a Wisconsin middle

Clark County School District Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara is visiting local schools Wednesday in an effort to learn more about a new CCSD partnership, expected to be focused on improving student

The Aurora Institute, formerly known as iNACOL, recently released five state policy recommendations for governors aimed at the future of education, training, and the future of work

Many students — and parents — have gotten used to the flurry of activity that takes place around spring standardized testing. Pizza parties, rallies, gift cards and door-to-door campaigns to

Five teachers nationwide receive “Educators for Equity” grants to close the opportunity gaps that affect student achievement   Portland, Ore. – Oct. 30, 2019:  NWEA, a not-for-profit education assessment organization,...

Today, Kathy Dyer, Sarah Said, Samantha Cortez, Cathy Beck, Danny Weeks, Dr. Beth Gotcher, Madeline Whitaker Good, and Elizabeth Stringer Keefe, Ph.D., help to answer those questions. You can listen

The significance of standardized testing is not new to educators in the state of Michigan. When I began teaching over 15 years ago as a public school teacher, I was responsible for preparing students

It’s not too often people announce big problems solved. But EducationSuperHighway did it this week, announcing that the classroom connectivity gap is effectively closed – one year ahead of schedule

Twenty schools in Brooklyn will roll out new tests for third and sixth graders that the city will use to measure school performance and gauge where more resources are needed, according to the city’s

By understanding Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores, parents can be better equipped to provide support to their children throughout the school year. We spoke with several experts