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NWEA assessments have you—and your state’s standards—covered

Educators need assessment data that meet their unique needs, data they can interpret and use to assess and inform instruction. To help boost academic achievement and growth across the U.S., we rigorously align Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) , Skills Navigator® and Children’s Progress Academic Assessment™ (CPAA™) to state content standards, including the Common Core State Standards.

You’ll be able to track progress toward proficiency—regardless of changes to standards.

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If we didn’t have MAP, we’d have no idea what to expect from and how to prepare for our state-mandated test, ISTEP+. It’s not so prescriptive that teachers lose the ability to differentiate and do what they know is right in the classroom. But they do gain meaningful insight into the way students learn, so they can best support them in meeting growth targets and passing important tests.

Barbara Campbell, Former Staff Development Coordinator
Mt. Vernon Schools, Indiana

Our Alignment Process

Whatever state you’re in, take confidence from our thoroughness

Standards define skills and concepts students are expected to master, and test item alignment—defined and bounded by the standards—follows from this. Our alignment process ensures that every item reflects standards content precisely.

Empower Educators

Discover data that provide a reliable indicator of student success on state summative assessments

Reliable Standards

Use MAP as a bridge between prior and current standards

Our Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) linking studies provide growth and status data that are stable and comparable even as state standards change.


Proficiency Projections & More

Discover proficiency projections for accountability tests and other information by state. Plus, learn how NWEA serves international schools.


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