Our Research

Research, and the data we derive from it, is central to all we do and create. It informs our professional development and validates our assessments. It guides our policies, and helps us contribute to the larger community of scholars concerned with putting children at the center of their own educations. Here's how.

Our Research

Growth Research Database

Twelve years of test questions and answers  over 4.5 billion items – form the basis of our Growth Research Database, the most extensive database of its kind in the country. Find out how it improves our results, reporting, policy and more.
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National Education Research

We partner with leading research institutions including Vanderbilt, Brown and Fordham to understand how data can best be used to transform learning every day, for every student.
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State Standards

Our alignment studies help us evaluate how closely our RIT scale maps to your state standards. Ultimately, our goal is to streamline what it takes to help students fulfill their dreams, and keep schools on track with the many requirements they juggle.
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