NWEA Adds MAP Spanish to Support Equitable Assessment

NWEA Adds MAP Spanish to Support Equitable Assessment - TLG-IMG-02262019Our mission at NWEA is partnering to help all kids learn. And we don’t just talk about the mission; we live and breathe it. Providing teachers and administrators with information to know how to help all kids is the core of what we do. That’s why I’m so excited about the new, Spanish addition to our MAP Suite of assessments.

With approximately 4.8 million English Language Learners (ELL) in US public schools, nearly 80% are native Spanish speakers. Educators are looking for better information on the largest subset of English learners in their schools.

All students deserve the same opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, and valid data must be available for both English- and Spanish-speaking students. So beginning this fall, partners that use MAP Growth reading, MAP Growth math, and MAP Reading Fluency will have free access to Spanish versions of these assessments.

Tweet: NWEA Adds MAP Spanish to Support Equitable Assessment https://ctt.ec/Ma1X3+ #edchat #MAPSuite #Spanish #education @minnichcIn recognition of the diversity of programs that support the Spanish-speaking student population, our content experts designed the MAP Spanish assessments to be used in English-only, bilingual, or dual-language immersion settings. They also went far beyond “translation,” using additional processes to account for linguistic and cultural differences and adding a lot of new authentic Spanish content.

With English language proficiency eliminated as a variable, Spanish-speaking students will have more opportunity to show what they know. Teachers will be able to use results to inform decisions about whether students need grade-level content with language support, or foundational instruction in the content. And administrators will have the accurate data they need to evaluate programs and track progress of Spanish-speaking students.

At NWEA, we believe that all students should have the equal opportunity to grow and achieve; in other words, de progresar y alcanzar su máximo potencial. For us, this starts with equitable assessments that empower teachers and students to recognize and accelerate learning. We know MAP Spanish is just one step, but we’re moving even closer to the goal of helping teachers understand the strengths and needs of every student.

Learn more about this exciting new offering from NWEA at nwea.org/Spanish.


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