Miss the MAP Reading Fluency Webinar? Watch it Now On-Demand.

Miss the MAP Reading Fluency webinar? Watch it now on-demand - TLG-SOCIAL-10042018Imagine if you could replace your one-to-one oral reading assessments with a single 20-minute online test for an entire class. And imagine if that same test does the scoring for you and saves the recordings for you to listen to anytime.

MAP® Reading Fluency™ does that and more. The new assessment returns valuable time to classroom instruction, taking a process that can takes days or weeks down to just one class period. What’s more, you’ll get immediate data to help inform group and individual instruction. (Learn more in our recent webinar.)

MAP Reading Fluency is an adaptive assessment of oral reading fluency, foundational skills, and comprehension. It measures the key skills needed as a child learns to read: foundational skills (phonics and word recognition, phonological awareness, etc.), fluency, and comprehension.

How does MAP Reading Fluency work?

This is one of the most exciting things about the product. MAP Reading Fluency is the first and only K-3 computer-adaptive oral reading fluency assessment using speech recognition technology with automatic scoring. This technological leap will save teachers precious time that they can put back into instruction and intervention work.

During the assessment, kids wear a headset with a microphone. They read aloud (along with other tasks), and their reading is recorded. Their entire assessment, including the oral reading elements, are then automatically scored for the teacher, and the audio is saved for playback. Teachers get immediate, objective results, actionable data, and instructional guidance to support individualized reading development for every student. And many teachers have told us that the audio recording is valuable to share with parents when discussing reading progress.

Tweet: Miss the MAP Reading Fluency Webinar? Watch it Now On-Demand. https://ctt.ac/yi4rX+ #edchat #education #readingassessmentGiven the technology, this oral reading assessment can be administered in a group setting, like in a computer lab, or in the classroom. The computer-adaptive design adjusts to accommodate pre-, early, and fluent readers.

With a focus on oral reading fluency and foundational skills, MAP Reading Fluency is a perfect complement to MAP® Growth™. MAP Growth results give you a clear view of how each child is progressing toward mastering “anchor” reading standards found from kindergarten through 12th grade, while MAP Reading Fluency zooms in on early literacy to measure critical learning-to-read skills.

Is your classroom or school ready for MAP Reading Fluency? Ask yourself this question:

How much time does a typical K-3 teacher in your district spend each year doing one-to-one reading assessment? In a recent survey, 64% of respondents spent three or more days of reading block time on one-to-one assessment and the overwhelming majority did testing multiple times each year.

Teachers and students deserve better. Now, there’s a better way. To learn more about the power of MAP Reading Fluency, watch the on-demand webinar.


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