16 Resources for Putting MAP Growth Assessment Data to Work

16 Resources for Putting MAP Growth Assessment Data to Work - TLG-IMG-10112018There are numerous ways educators can use MAP® Growth™ assessment data to support student growth and achievement. One of those ways is leveraging our Instructional Connections. These partners are curriculum providers, data aggregation platforms, and reading resources that allow you to connect your assessment data to tools across a variety of subjects and grade levels.

Here’s a current list of connections available:

1. Achieve 3000: KidBiz, TeenBiz, and Empower

Grades Covered: 2-12

Subject: Informational Reading

Delivers engaging nonfiction content that supports core curriculum, literacy skills, content-area knowledge, response to intervention programs, English language learners, special education, and more.

2. Carnegie Learning: MATHia

Grades: 6-12

Subject: Math

Uses data to better understand where students are and how to coach them through problems.

3. Curriculum Advantage: Classworks

Grades: K-8

Subjects: ELA, Math, Reading

Helps you focus on areas where students need additional instruction or remediation.

4. Curriculum Crafter

Grades: K-12

Subjects: ELA, Math

A cloud-based curriculum and planning platform that includes over 700,00 units of instruction and 1,000 sample lesson plans.

5. DreamBox Learning Math

Grades: K-8

Subject: Math

DreamBox adapts and differentiates in real time based on students’ answers and problem-solving method. Use MAP Growth results to create targeted, differentiated assignments that meet students where they are.

3. Edgenuity

Grades: K-12

Subjects: English Language Arts (ELA), Math

Combines direct-instruction videos featuring expert teachers with rigorous assignments and performance-based tasks to ensure subject area mastery.

7. Edmentum: Study Island® and ExactPath

Grades: K-12

Subjects: ELA, Math, Science

Helps you to easily pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and target them with standards-based content.

8. FEV Tutor

Grades: K-12

Subjects: ELA, Math, Science

FEV Tutor provides engaging, 1:1 online tutoring services. MAP Growth RIT scores can inform and further personalize instruction.

9. Khan Academy                                                                                

Grades: K-12

Subject: Math

Links you to web-based exercises that are ideal for independent classroom work, skill-based small group instruction, and at-home learning.

10. Odysseyware                                                                

Grades: K-12

Subjects: ELA, Math

Incorporates rich multimedia, dynamic learning activities, direct-instruction videos, virtual labs, and embedded instructional supports into its content.

11. Otus

Grades: K-12

Subjects: N/A

NWEA and Otus work together to help educators visualize their MAP data alongside other details to create a comprehensive profile of student learning.

12. Learning A-Z: Raz-Plus and Reading A-Z

Grades: K-5

Subjects: ELA, Reading

Provides thousands of differentiated reading resources to make blended learning easier. Reading A–Z incudes an extensive collection of resources, including leveled books, lesson plans, and teaching materials.

13. Silverback Learning Solutions

Grades: K-12

Subjects: N/A

NWEA and Silverback Learning Solutions work together to integrate MAP Learning Continuum information with Silverback Mileposts.

14. SuccessMaker                                                                

Grades: K-8

Subjects: Math, Reading

An adaptive and prescriptive scheduling intervention program that continuously adjusts the pace and path of instruction based on each student’s performance.

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Grades: K-8

Subject: Provides supplementary instruction and practice in math created around brain-based research.

16. Your Reading Path

Grades: K-12

Subject: Reading

Link RIT scores with over 7,000 specially printed books across a wide range of topics and action genres, matching for readability, interest, and age appropriateness.

These partnerships help teachers, students, parents, and administrators put MAP Growth assessment data to use in improving student learning.

For more information about any of these solutions, visit the Instructional Connections page on NWEA.org.


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