Media Spotlight: Wisconsin Partner Featured in ASCD Express

Media SpotlightToday, our Media Spotlight shines on partner district Brown Deer Schools in Wisconsin. Brown Deer Superintendent Deb Kerr writes in ASCD Express about how and why the district uses the OECD Test for Schools to help ensure that all of their students become global-ready graduates.

Kerr notes that the test data has already led to program changes in the district:

“From the two times we’ve administered the OECD assessment, we’ve gained incredible insights. In fact, we’ve used the results to drive significant shifts in our instructional approach across the subject areas tested.”

For instance, the district overhauled the math curriculum and instruction for grades 7-9 based on results that showed the students felt disconnected from the math teaching methods. The district also recently added a daily, independent reading period after the test results indicated few students were reading for interest or pleasure.

Kerr also writes about the incredibly diverse district she leads in Wisconsin and the educators’ approach to helping prepare global-ready students.

“One of the defining features of our approach to developing global-ready graduates is its holistic nature. We do not treat global education as a separate subject or as a single unit or module that has a strictly defined place within the broader curriculum. Rather, our philosophy is to view global education as an integral dimension of the overall educational experience. This means that even core subjects are infused with learning opportunities that emphasize a wide range of perspectives and skills.”

You can read more about the OECD Test for schools on our blog here.