Attention Teachers! Researchers need your feedback!

Elementary School StudentNWEA researchers, in collaboration with the University of Delaware, are beginning an exciting research project that examines how teachers use assessment data to improve instruction and student learning.

We are reaching out to elementary teachers from schools that administer Measures of Academic Progress (MAP®) to help pilot a survey instrument. Your feedback is invaluable. By taking part, you will help us learn more about the role of data in instructional decision-making – and you will automatically be entered in a $50 VISA® gift card drawing sponsored by University of Delaware researchers.

The results of this Spencer Foundation-funded project will produce actionable information for teachers, schools and districts to better understand the role of data in instructional decision-making, the specific ways in which MAP data are used, and the ways in which the school or district environment relate to data use. Further, the study will identify practices associated with greater student learning, which can inform school improvement and professional development efforts.

To participate in the 20 minute online pilot survey, please click here.


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