What are the New Standards of College and Career Readiness?

What are the New Standards of College and Career Readiness?What are the skills that all students need to prepare for career and college?

We believe that it’s more than being able to give the right answer to specific questions, but rather to make the right response to situations that are outside the scope of what they were taught.

So how does educational strategy need to shift or evolve to accommodate this requirement?

It starts with sound assessments in the classroom, and not in the traditional sense. As you read more blog posts here at Keeping Learning on Track (KLT), I hope you come to see how we define formative assessment, and what that can mean for curriculum planning, students’ ownership of their education, overall teacher professional development, and future educational strategies.

Have an opinion? Is the ability to take ownership of their education a fundamental requirement students must have today?  How can we help students assess their own learning and demand education that supports their educational and career path? We’d love to hear your thoughts on educational strategies and what you think, so drop a comment below.