16 free digital resources for reading, math, and MAP Growth to use at home during the COVID-19 crisis

Educators, we are inspired by how you’ve answered the call to make sure your kids have the opportunity to learn, even under extraordinary circumstances. It’s an honor to work alongside you to face this challenge.

Here are some NWEA resources that can help as you take on this immense task, as well as a curated selection of reading and math materials. These resources are free and allow for immediate access for all teachers, students, and parents.

This list is just the start. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing more articles, FAQs, and guides to help you navigate this unprecedented situation. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook so we can let you know when we post something new.

These resources are free and allow for immediate access for all teachers, students, and parents.

NWEA resources

  1. Link MAP® Growth™ scores to instructional solutions providers. Many of the multiple instructional partners we work with are offereing free access during school closures. Using them in conjunction with scores from your winter testing could help you design your online curriculum.
  2. Help families understand MAP Growth scores: Our Family Toolkit gives grown-ups at home a clearer picture of what MAP Growth scores mean and what their kids are ready to learn next. Consider using the Family Report during virtual conferences.
  3. Rely on digital tools: We compiled a list of our favorite tools, apps, and platforms for teachers to use in the classroom. Many are useful for the virtual classroom, too.
  4. Support young readers: Share our tips for developing early reading skills at home.

Reading resources from the best of the best

  1. Nature at your fingertips: Ranger Rick, the award-winning children’s nature magazine, is offering all its content for free online, including outdoor activities, guides for educators and parents, and all the digital issues of the magazine.
  2. Daily Journeys: Scholastic is offering cross-curricular reading and learning projects that your kids can use every day. Each one is built around a thrilling and meaningful story or video.
  3. Doodling live: Mo Willems, author of the award-winning Pigeon and Elephant and Piggie children’s books, is doodling on a livestream every weekday at 1 pm EST. Help kids learn to write and draw alongside one of the best in the business!
  4. Explore the world: National Geographic lets you use an incredible library of educational content. Get reading materials on everything from ancient history to the future of space travel.
  5. Famous actors read to kids: Storyline Online is an Emmy-nominated children’s literacy program featuring imaginatively produced videos featuring celebrated actors.
  6. Free Library: Learning A–Z is offering its Raz-Kids online library and Headsprout reading courses free for the next 90 days.

Math, math, and more math

  1. If you don’t know where to start: If you have no idea where to begin, Khan Academy is the place to be. As founder Sal Khan says, “Math isn’t hard. It’s a mindset!” Their YouTube channel is another great resource. Khan Academy has content in Spanish on their website and on YouTube, too.
  2. Access math textbooks: Big Ideas Math is giving students free access to all its K–12 math textbooks. No registration is required.
  3. MathTube: Many math teachers have put together outstanding video series on YouTube. Math & Learning 4 Kids has a variety of lessons divided by grade level. PatrickJMT will work wonders if you want to dive into more advanced high school calculus concepts. If you have a student fascinated by the theories of math, Numberphile will keep them hooked.
  4. Even more math: Be a Learning Hero has an excellent index of free math (and reading!) content that is divided by grade level.

Multiple subjects

  1. Science, social studies, SEL, and more: Newsela is free through the end of the school year and chock-full of valuable content, including on social-emotional learning (SEL), which can come in especially handy during these trying times, and articles in Spanish.
  2. Make learning a hoot: Kahoot! games make learning fun while still giving teachers the information they need to tailor their instruction. They’re offering all their premium distance learning tools for free.

If you have other favorite online resources, of if you want to ask a question about how our assessments can guide virtual learning, tweet at us @nwea. We’re here to help!

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