STEM and Children’s Literature: 3 Classroom Resources

STEM and Children’s LiteratureToday’s world of children’s literature is a myriad of subjects and genres, capable of supporting any unit or path of study. As Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) has moved more to the foreground in many elementary classrooms, the literary world has taken notice. Books designed to bring STEM topics to younger readers are available and in demand.

Selecting the right books to aid students in their explorations of STEM topics is easier than ever thanks to websites detailing STEM books. Gone are the days of waiting for monthly book order flyers or yearly library catalogs to learn about the latest and greatest in children’s literature. Today a simple keyword search allows educators to explore the offerings of publishers all over the world.

From picture books to books filled with experiments, chapter books and read-alouds, there is no end to the books to be found that will engage even the most reluctant scientist, mathematician, engineer or technologically inclined student. In this blog post I share STEM literary websites available to assist you in bringing STEM topics to young readers. Whether you are searching for a book on a specific topic or looking to add a number of STEM books to your classroom or school library, I believe the resources shared will be of use to you.

Each year the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) publishes a list of outstanding children’s science trade books. (Who knew?) The books are selected by a book review panel that is appointed by NSTA and assembled in cooperation with the Children’s Book Council (CBC). Beginning in 2010 the lists began to include links to activities that relate to and complement each of the selections. Each book listed includes a summary and a link that can be used to purchase the book.

It is always good to know what other educators are using as they explore topics and create units to engage students. This link provides categorized STEM book recommendations. One thing I like about this particular link is the way each book includes the image of the front cover, which when selected takes you to Amazon where the book can be purchased.

Blogs can be a great way to access lists of books and explore what books other educators, former educators and people who just love science education recommend. The site is searchable and includes pages that are dedicated to specific areas like picture books, beginning readers, and experiments/hands-on activities. There is even a place that provides themed book lists.

Another way to bring STEM resources to life is through the MAP to Khan Academy tool. Use a RIT score to find resources that will meet your students where they are ready to learn.

What are some of your favorite STEM books to use in the classroom? Do you have blogs or websites that assist you in bringing STEM to your students? Send us a tweet (@nwea) and help other educators as we continue on the STEM in the classroom journey.

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