Classroom Techniques: Formative Assessment Idea Number Three

Classroom Techniques:  Formative Assessment Idea Number Three - The Whiteboard Technique

We’ve touched on a couple of formative assessment ideas in our blogging thus far, namely using Popsicle™ sticks as an all-student response system during class and using exit tickets to assess student learning. These formative assessment ideas involve all students, while giving teachers the information they need to make adjustments to their teaching. Ideas like these and others have proven to increase student learning.

Another formative assessment idea that engages the entire class and provides evidence of student learning is the white board. Small, personal-sized white boards are inexpensive and if each student has them at their desk they can provide answers and information by simply raising them. Teachers can quickly grasp student understanding and adjust how they move forward.

As technology makes its way into classroom environment, tools such as the iPad™ or iPod™ can act in a similar fashion – providing real-time understand of subject matter. Or it can be as low tech as a plastic page protector with white paper inserted. But, as Dylan Wiliam has said, “The greatest modern invention for learning might well be the personal whiteboard.” It doesn’t have to be fancy, so long as teachers are able to solicit evidence of student understanding and comprehension of the lesson at hand.

Have you used or seen whiteboards or something similar in action? If so share what it was and how it worked in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.