Assessment solutions for student-centered learning

Assessment solutions that give you the insight you need to make a difference

We believe each and every student matters—and that highly targeted, 1:1 instruction helps maximize student growth. That’s why we offer assessment solutions that help guide meaningful instruction. Throughout the year, educators around the globe use data from our research-based pre-K – 12 assessments and strategies from our professional development offerings to make key decisions when it matters most: when there’s still time to make a difference in students’ learning and achievement.


Measuring Student Learning

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Thanks to MAP assessments, our principals and teachers understand how to measure growth and support our students in reaching their potential. Because teachers truly value the student assessment measure that MAP testing provides, these good practices are used consistently across the district.

Cindy Keever, Executive Director of Student Support Programs
Westfield Washington Schools (IN)



Use our assessments to see what students grasp and where they need support

We chose Keeping Learning on Track embedded formative assessment because of its research-backed structure, but in some ways it was still a leap of faith. The extensive feedback from teachers and students, along with classroom observations, show us that WOW, this is working. Watching my teachers in action is exciting.

Dr. Linda Bertsch-Uveges, Assistant Superintendent
Sheffield-Sheffield Lake, Ohio

Professional Development

Boost student achievement with data-informed professional development

We meet educators’ varied needs through on-site and online training, regional workshops, webinars, online tutorials, self-paced instructional courses, and certified facilitator programs.

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