Linking the ACT Aspire Assessments to NWEA MAP Assessments

In this NWEA™ report, discover how the 3rd through 8th grade cut scores on MAP Growth™ Reading and MAP for Mathematics assessments correspond to the benchmarks on the ACT® Aspire™ reading and math tests. You can use this valuable information to predict student performance in Aspire tests, identify students at risk of failing to meet required standards, and target instruction and resources to better support every student’s academic performance and goals.

We’ve also provided information about the consistency rate of classification based on the estimated MAP Growth cut scores, along with a series of tables that estimate the probability of receiving a Level 3 (i.e., “Ready”) or higher performance designation on the Aspire assessments, based on the observed MAP scores taken during the same school year. A detailed description of the data and analysis method used in this study is provided in the Appendix.


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